Safety of Multiway Electrical Adaptors

Safety of Multiway Electrical Adaptors

We often mention on our Fire Safety and Fire Risk Assessment training courses about electrical safety as electrical appliances are the cause of many fires in the home and workplace. There were around 42,000 fires in residential premises and 17,000 in other premises in 2013/2014. Around 4% of these were due to electrical appliances and leads1.

We recently went into a client’s office and found this Electrical Multiway Block Adaptor which had been overloaded, had got very hot and caught fire. It was very lucky that somebody was close by and able to deal with it otherwise a serious property fire would have been caused.

One way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to make sure we stick to the rule of one plug per socket. Block adaptors are not recommended as they generally are not fused and with the extra plugs in them, they will put strain on the wall socket and increase the risk of electrical overloading which will all increase the risk of fire. If not inserted properly into the wall socket or if half pulled out due to the wait pf plugs and cables, electrical arcing can also occur at the point of connection, which can result in heat and fire.

It is safer to use a multiway bar extension lead but remember never to plug an extension lead into another extension lead. Always check that the appliances you are plugging in to the extension lead do not exceed the maximum current rating for that extension lead as this too could lead to a fire. If you are in any doubt about the electrical safety in your home, always contact a qualified electrician for advice.

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