Event Medics

Sirius Business Services Ltd (Sirius) can provide first aid/medical cover for your events. Our instructors and medics undertake evet medical cover to ensure we get to us our skills through practical experience. We are fully insured with employer’s liability, public liability, professional and medical indemnity insurance policies. Our staff range from First Aiders, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), FREC and IHCD FPOS trained staff and paramedics. We have a 4 x4 support vehicle that can be used on events to ensure we can get our staff and equipment to casualties over difficult conditions/terrains.

For the larger events our staff work with a number of CQC registered ambulance and event medical provider partners, who we can work with to ensure you get a high quality and professional service. Our partners operate fleets of A&E Ambulances, Rapid Response (RRV) vehicles, 4 x 4 ambulances and treatment centres.


As a training provider our staff are always kept up to date to the highest standards which means clients can have confidence in the quality and professionalism of our staff. We are confident that either Sirius, or Sirius working with its partners, can provide you with the solution you require.

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