Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest – Resuscitation to Recovery

A best practice pathway of care for those who suffer OHCA has been produced by an OHCA steering group. The resulting document, "Resuscitation To Recovery, A National Framework to improve care of people with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in England" is linked to below and can be downloaded from the resus.org.uk website. The study came about after concerns on the low survival rate of … [Read more...]

Should You Resuscitate or Not? Making the Decision

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR), Advanced Decisions to Refuse Treatment (ADRT), Living Wills, Do Not Attempt CPR (DNACPR) are just a few of the names for documenting decisions by patients who do not wish to be resuscitated, or by healthcare professionals who feel resuscitation is not appropriate for an individual patient. To Resuscitate or Not? That is the question. We often get asked about … [Read more...]


Press Release IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 14 October 2014 SOUTH COAST TRAINING COMPANY EXPANDS EAST WARDS South coast training company Sirius Business Services Ltd (Sirius) is pleased to announce the opening of its new branch office in Orpington, Kent. The new London, South East and Kent office will serve Sirius’s expanding customer base in the South East. Following the awarding of a major NHS … [Read more...]

Should You Give Rescue Breaths When Doing CPR?

So often on first aid courses, or when providing training in medical practices we hear comments like “we don’t do rescue breaths now do we?” or “last time we did training the instructor said we don’t have to bother with rescue breaths”. Resuscitation Protocols We find these comments very worrying as the protocols on resuscitation are very clear, and nothing has changed since October 2010 when … [Read more...]

Is Your Resuscitation Training Up To Standard?

Whether you call it Basic Life Support (BLS) Resus, Resuscitation or CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) every practice needs to ensure their Doctors, Nurses and Administrators are regularly trained to meet CQC, CCG or Professional Body requirements. There are many suppliers providing this training across the UK and experience shows that the standard of training varies greatly. We get many … [Read more...]

Agonal Breathing and Cardiac Arrest

Agonal Breathing and Cardiac Arrest We are surprised to find when we are teaching resuscitation the number of students trained by other providers who are not familiar with the importance of recognition of Agonal Breathing (also known as Agonal Gasps) in the assessment of whether a patient is in Cardiac Arrest. This applies just as much to Doctors and Nurses in General Practice as it does to … [Read more...]