FREE Primary Care webinar sessions

These FREE Live Zoom webinar’s sessions run by our experienced and qualified tutors with years of experience in primary care are designed as a quick and easy way to keep you up to date. At the end of each session there is an opportunity to ask questions. Supporting information is also emailed to you after the webinar.

Spaces on each session are limited and are bookable on a first come first serve basis. All delegates who attend the full session will be sent a certificate. This will be in the name you enter at registration and can not be changed. Therefore please register in the name you want on your certificate.

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**NEW** Risk Assessment in Primary Care including COVID19 Considerations

Are you clear what a Risk Assessment is, why they are required, how to undertake one and what considerations you should be making due to COVID19? This session lasts approx 50 minutes and is designed to give you an understanding of risk assessments a simple process to follow and how to identify and manage risks in the primary care environment. The session will specifically address how we should consider COVID19 in the Risk Assessment process.

How COVID19 affects Basic Life Support protocols in primary care.

As a Doctor or Nurse have you been advised how Basic Life Support protocols have changed during COVID19? This session lasts approx 30-40 minutes and is designed to update you on Basic Life Support protocols and how they have been affected by COVID19

Oxygen Administration in Primary Care

Oxygen therapy can be lifesaving but primary care clinical staff must know how it works, when to use it, and how to correctly assess and evaluate a patient’s treatment. This webinar which lasts approx 30-40 minutes will outline conditions that require oxygen, when it should be used, target saturation levels, the delivery methods available and safety of medical gases and equipment.

Anaphylaxis in Primary Care

Anaphylaxis is a rapidly developing and life threatening condition which can present in primary care settings when drugs or other treatments are being administered. This webinar which lasts approx 30-40 minutes is designed for healthcare providers and will outline what Anaphylaxis is and how to deal with it. It will cover recognition and treatment of an anaphylactic reaction including the delivery of drugs for treatment.