It’s Your Responsibility to Evacuate the Less Able in a Fire

So it's not the Fire Brigade's responsibility to evacuate disabled people from my building! – The myth dispelled Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the employer has to ensure that all emergency routes and exits must lead as directly as possible to a place of safety. This place of safety is a safe area beyond the premises. However, when undertaking your fire risk assessment … [Read more...]

How Do You Store Your Old Batteries? Is it a Fire Risk?

As technology has advanced over the years, so has the need for better, more powerful and durable batteries to run our technological lifestyles. We have also become more aware of the need to recycle all sorts of things from paper and cardboard to food waste and batteries. However, whilst recycling food waste and paper may not pose a problem, how we store our old batteries for recycling can be a … [Read more...]

Safety of Multiway Electrical Adaptors

We often mention on our Fire Safety and Fire Risk Assessment training courses about electrical safety as electrical appliances are the cause of many fires in the home and workplace. There were around 42,000 fires in residential premises and 17,000 in other premises in 2013/2014. Around 4% of these were due to electrical appliances and leads1. We recently went into a client’s office and found … [Read more...]

Think Fire Safety at Christmas Time At this time of year we will have our Christmas Tree up, decorated with tinsel and lights, cards will be set on mantle pieces and window sills, other decorations will festoon one or more rooms in our home with perhaps a crib scene in a prominent place with a lit candle alongside. A typical festive scene. But do we pay attention to the fire hazards … [Read more...]

Chimney Fires and how to prevent them

As the evenings start to draw in and the evenings develop that chill in the air, for those of us that have open fires or wood burning stoves, our thoughts turn to that roaring fire to keep us toasty and warm. However, have we made sure that our chimneys have been swept and we are ready for the winter ahead ? There are around 6,000 chimney fires each year in England alone. Chimney fires can … [Read more...]

Kimmeridge Emergency Response Volunteers

Nestled in the Purbeck Hills on the south coast of Dorset lies the small village of Kimmeridge. It has a population of around 110 (2001 Census) and contains a good number of thatched roof properties. It is a popular destination for scuba diving, surfing, walking and for that relaxing day spent by the sea, playing in the rock pools and swimming in the clear water in the bay. Kimmeridge is also one … [Read more...]

How Do Smoke Detectors Work?

Hopefully, whether a business or a domestic property, you will have a number of smoke detectors installed. But how do they work and why do I need them? Lets answer the last question first – why do I need them? If you are unfortunate to have a fire in the workplace or at home, a smoke detector will give a warning that there is a problem. It can give occupiers of the building those vital few … [Read more...]

Heath Fires – Safety Advice from Sirius Business Services

During the dry summer months, large areas of heathland, forestry and grassland can become tinder dry and so very susceptible to catching fire. Heath fires can be devastating not only to the flora and fauna but also to areas of housing that surround heathland, holiday camp sites, farm crops and buildings and most importantly can be a very great danger to human life. Wildlife is vulnerable to the … [Read more...]

Barbecue Safety Advice for a Safe Summer

With summer in full swing and the weather hotting up, thoughts turn towards those balmy summer evenings and that tradition of summer pastimes, the barbecue. However, a little bit of thought and planning needs to go into our preparation for this culinary feast to ensure all goes smoothly and above all, safely. Just follow our basic barbecue safety advice and common sense precautions before lighting … [Read more...]

Fire Risk Assessment – Your Responsibilities Explained

Have you taken your legal responsibilities to Fire Safety seriously ? Yes I mean YOU!!! On 20 October 2008, Mr Mehmet Parlak was sentenced to four months imprisonment and his company, Watchacre, were fined £21,000 after pleading guilty to eight offences under Fire Safety Order. The prosecution followed a fatal fire in a flat in Ruskin Road, Tottenham in September 2007. This custodial sentence … [Read more...]