Health and Safety Training for Primary Care

Health and Safety Training for Primary Care Sirius Business Services Ltd (Sirius) who have been specialising in advising and training staff in NHS primary care GP/medical and dental practices for over 15 years. Sirius have launched a new set of health and safety courses specifically targeted at  General Practice (GP), Medical Practices, Dental Practices and other primary care settings. The … [Read more...]

First Aid in Primary Care GP/Medical Practices

First Aid in Primary Care GP/Medical Practices The legal requirements in respect of First Aid provision in the workplace are the same for GP/Medical practices as they are for any other workplace.   The practice have to have appropriate numbers of properly trained and appointed first aiders. To decide what is appropriate for their business/practice they must undertake a First Aid Needs … [Read more...]

GDC Enhanced CPD Compliant Basic Life Support Training

General Dental Council (GDC) Enhanced CPD compliant Basic Life Support Training for Dental Practices The General Dental Council's (GDC's) Enhanced CPD Scheme came into effect on 1 January 2018 for dentists and was introduced for Dental Care Professionals on 1 August 2018. At Sirius Business Services Ltd we have worked with Dental Practices in the provision of Basic Life Support, AED and … [Read more...]

What does the removal of some government coronavirus restriction mean for us from 19 July 21?

On the 19 July, some of the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions will be removed in England by the UK Government. The other countries in the UK, Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland have different regulations and guidance and are changing their requirements at different times. No you can't simply stop taking all precautions in respect of Coronavirus as it is still an issue and the rate of infection … [Read more...]

Would the CQC consider your Risk Assessments Suitable and Sufficient?

Regulators such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have been saying for some time that they are concerned about the quality and content of Risk Assessments that some businesses and organisations are relying on. This is becoming a common theme in calls we receive on a daily basis from Practice Managers who manage Primary Care Practices. Whether you are a … [Read more...]

Is Virtual BLS training suitable for my practice at this time?

The BLS Virtual training should not be confused with online training. Online training is a computer package that is usually not intuitive and cannot answer questions from delegates or respond to groups or individual delegates needs. Virtual training, is live, instructor led, interactive training session. Our Virtual training is up-to-date with Resuscitation Council UK statements, PPE requirements, … [Read more...]

Basic Life Support, AED & Anaphylaxis Training for COVID-19 immunisers / Vaccinators

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Distance Learning Training

We are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer a number of formal qualifications in Mental Health First Aid, Food Hygiene, Safeguarding and Health and Safety via distance learning. This means that delegates can learn flexibly from home or from work wherever they are in the UK and it ensures specifically during the Coronavirus COVID19 Lockdown that learning can continue. Courses will be … [Read more...]

It’s Your Responsibility to Evacuate the Less Able in a Fire

So it's not the Fire Brigade's responsibility to evacuate disabled people from my building! – The myth dispelled Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the employer has to ensure that all emergency routes and exits must lead as directly as possible to a place of safety. This place of safety is a safe area beyond the premises. However, when undertaking your fire risk assessment … [Read more...]

How Do You Store Your Old Batteries? Is it a Fire Risk?

As technology has advanced over the years, so has the need for better, more powerful and durable batteries to run our technological lifestyles. We have also become more aware of the need to recycle all sorts of things from paper and cardboard to food waste and batteries. However, whilst recycling food waste and paper may not pose a problem, how we store our old batteries for recycling can be a … [Read more...]