Basic Life Support Assessment Policy

For a delegate to “Pass” a Basic Life Support course they must be present for the entire course, and they must take and successfully pass both the practical assessment and the written assessment where there is one for the course.

If anyone leaves early they cannot be awarded a “Pass”. They may be entitled to an “Attendance” certificate if they have attended the entire teaching element of the course, but leave before the assessment.

We often get asked the following questions:

  • Can the delegate demonstrate CPR on a table?
  • Is it acceptable to help the delegate to get to the floor if they are unable to do this themselves?
  • Can a delegate just explain how to do Basic Life Support/CPR?
  • Can a delegate describe how to do Basic Life Support/CPR with another delegate demonstrating?

The answer to all of these questions is “No”

To be awarded a “Certificate of Assessed Competence“ eg a “Pass” for the course:

  • the delegate must be able to effectively perform Basic Life Support/CPR to the correct standard
  • This must be done promptly and without assistance
  • This must be in similar circumstances to an actual medical emergency i.e. with the patient on the floor.

It is the responsibility of the Instructor/Assessor to ensure that despite any disability, medical condition, learning need or temporary injury, to be awarded the “Certificate of Assessed Competence” ie a “Pass” a delegate must be able to get to the floor unaided and successfully demonstrate all elements of the practical assessment on their own, as in a real-life situation (with the patient on the floor).

A reasonable adjustment cannot be granted if a delegate is unable to demonstrate practical competence and cannot be used to enable a delegate to pass the course and get a “Certificate of Assessed Competence”.

If a delegate is in a wheelchair, for example, they can practise CPR on a manikin raised on a table during the course, but to pass the assessment and gain the “Certificate of Assessed Competence”, they must be able to get to the floor unaided and administer effective Basic Life Support/CPR on a manikin at floor level as in a real-life situation.

Re – Assessment

Where a delegate does not satisfactorily “Pass” the practical assessment, they can be reassessed after some further training if time allows, and it does not cause undue delay to other delegates. The practical assessment should be repeated in full and the Instructor/Assessor should ensure the delegate is able to successfully complete all aspects of the practical assessment.

If a delegate cannot be awarded the “Certificate of Assessed Competence”, they can be offered an “Attendance” certificate if they attend the entire teaching element of the training session.

Written Assessment

In respect of the written assessment (where applicable), where a delegate does not attain the required number of correct answers, understanding can be checked by asking the incorrect questions again in an alternative way to confirm understanding. If knowledge is then confirmed the questions can be remarked and a pass to the written paper awarded.

Temporary Injury

If a delegate has a temporary injury and is unable to satisfy all the requirements as stated above, no reasonable adjustment or concession can be given. It cannot be assumed that the delegate will be able to administer effective Basic Life Support/CPR, when they no longer have their injury.

The delegate should consider attending a later course, or the assessment could be deferred and arrangements made to undertake an assessment at a later date by contacting the Sirius Business Services Ltd training department.

Record of Assessment

Where a delegate either fails a practical or written assessment, or where they pass a practical assessment after retraining and re assessment, or pass a written assessment after further oral questioning, this should all be clearly recorded on the assessment paperwork. Where a delegate fails a practical assessment a clear explanation must be recorded on the assessment paperwork by the Instructor/Assessor ie “delegate left course before practical assessment”, “delegate unable to get to the floor to perform CPR due to injury”.

Assessment Appeals

All appeals against assessment decisions that cannot be resolved onsite with the Instructor/Assessor should be directed to Gary Hepburn at Sirius Business Services Ltd headquarters.

Gary Hepburn

October 2019

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