Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training


Sirius Business Services Ltd has introduced a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training sessions as a result of demand from our customers. These training sessions are also available to GP’s, Nurses, HCAs, GP & Dental Practice Staff, Paramedics, Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), IHCD FPOS, FREC 3 and FREC 4 staff and advanced First Aiders. The purpose of the CPD sessions will be to keep you up to date on a given topic, to extend and enhance your skills and enable you to demonstrate and evidence that you continue to develop your professional skills in relevant medical topics.

We will offer some of these session as public CPD sessions throughout the year, to get info on this sign up for our newsletter.

Alternatively GP Practices, event medical companies and other companies/organisations can arrange for specific courses to be provided on site for them, contact us on 01305 769969, or use our contact form to make a booking

Our suite of CPD courses includes:

(if you don’t see what you are looking for give us a call!)

Life Support
Basic Airway Management
Intermediate Airway Management
Paediatric BLS
Adult ILS
Paediatric ILS
Anatomy and Physiology
Paediatric A& P
Cardiovascular system
Nervous system
Respiratory system
Medical gases
IO Cannulation
Basic Wound Closure
Management of a diabetic emergency
IM injections
Examination and Assessment
Basic ECGs
12 lead ECGs
Chest Pain Assessment and Differential diagnosis
Patient Assessment
Assessment of the respiratory system
Assessment of the cardiovascular system
Assessment of the nervous system
Recognition and Management of a sick Child
Common Paediatric Illnesses
Misc CPD
Conflict Resolution
Capacity and Consent
Documentation and Information Governance
Recognising Stress
Equality and Diversity
Clinical Governance and Scope of Practice
Kinematics and Mechanism of trauma
Chest Trauma
Catastrophic Blood loss
Pelvic and Abdominal trauma
Head trauma
Spinal trauma
Ballistic trauma
Fracture immobilisation
Medical Conditions
Drug overdose
Heat extremes
Management of a diabetic emergency
Basic understanding of pharmacology